Family-Run at an Elite Level

We are a family-run boys basketball organization formed to play competitive basketball. We practice and play basketball as a select group of family and friends in the Garland, Mesquite, and Sunnyvale areas of the DFW metroplex. We participate in the Dallas Sportsplex basketball league and play tournaments throughout DFW each spring and summer.


Our first team is our 5th grade team, which was started by parents seeking a competitive yet positive atmosphere in which to play the game of basketball. We are currently seeking additional 5th grade and 4th grade players. We are focused on continued organic expansion with core groups of quality parents and players.

DBC's Values

We believe in hard work, determination, discipline and fostering a no-excuses environment for all of our players. We are a team-oriented youth basketball team, but recognize the need to develop players individually to be their best and achieve milestones as they develop. To that end, we are a meritocratic environment where hard work, good attitude, teamwork is rewarded within our organization.

A group of cheetahs is called a "Coalition." A Coalition suggests a mutually beneficial system of cooperation, which fosters camaraderie, friendly competition, and survival. This reflects our ethos as an organization, thus the cheetah is our mascot.

Joining DBC

We are interested in adding team members from our community. Please enter your query into the "Contact" tab if you have any questions about joining one of our teams.

While this is an organization for experienced players, at the younger ages in particular, we are focused on development and can establish tryouts with any person upon request at no charge.

We are different from some AAU organizations in that we seek families to partner with in a meaningful way, which we feel is for the long-term success of our players.


DBC is fortunate to have corporate sponsorship by Dallas-area law firm, Roberts & Willie, PLLC, which specializes in corporate law. Our partnership with them has allowed us to grow organically by covering many of the costs associated with high-level youth basketball.